About Us



The Orange Dot Consulting is an international All-In-One Marketing Consulting Firm with niche expertise in product development, product sourcing, website development, e-commerce, mobile apps, online marketing, and helping start-up companies enter into the entrepreneurship with the right foot. We work closely with you to structure your business, create and process all the printing and branding, develop strategic marketing campaigns to start off differentiating your business from the crowd.

If you have an established business, we come up with out-of-the-box and non-traditional ideas to help you grow.  We combine traditional marketing strategies with online marketing to succeed in this competitive environment.

We first started under the name of Creative Marketing & Consulting Services, Inc. (CMCS) transitioning later into The Orange Dot Consulting, LLC (TOD). Within our major achievements we can mention that we developed a pet clothing & accessories line which became in Yr 2 a 6 digit brand with continuous growth of 300% per year. Distribution was achieved into major National & Local Retailers such as Wal-Mart, Walgreens, among others.

We also developed a Mommy and Me clothing line which sold successfully online under the name of Isabella Fischbach. We also developed a stationary bags line which had one of the most impressive sales-thru at Wal-Mart.

We have developed inventions for individuals, developing their ideas from concept to market.  We do factory sourcing, brand & packaging development, websites, social media pages and optimization, and any other key elements to make of this new company a structured company ready to offer its products and services.

With 19+ years of experience leading 500 Fortune Companies into double and triple digits growth in different countries and with multinational retailers, we feel confident in telling you that we are the marketing agency you need to help you structure your business and help you grow your established business!


Mompreneur|Senior Business Consultant|Product Developer Expert

Multidisciplinary, passionate, accountable, forward-thinking, truth worthy, go-getter entrepreneur with 19+ years experience leading 500 Fortune Companies into new sales growth levels, developing tasks forces, over achieving company’s goals, working successfully around competitive market challenges and adapting markets/client’s logistic and product needs to achieve successful business transactions.

Expert in global business development and customized marketing strategies to help your business move into a new growth level.

Isabella has travelled multiple times to China, overlooking product manufacturing, helping develop customized products for different multi-cultural needs, has designed and manufactured her own product brands such as pet clothing & accessories and has travelled to over 32 countries in the World.

She has helped companies in different countries introduce their products into Key Retailers.

She has obtained financial aid from banks and government entities through her business plans.

Has achieved significant organic traffic increase through her marketing strategies to improve Search Engine Optimization for customer’s websites.

Amongst her vast years of experience, Isabella has successfully led start-up companies from the initial set-up, business planning, product design, product manufacture, logistic, product distribution and online marketing.

She has worked for some of the most important Fortune 500 Companies in the World, including The Walt Disney Company, Johnson & Johnson, Alberto Culver and Wella Corp.

Isabella is passionate about what she does and each business she works with, will feel a valuable and experienced addition of their own team!